Our employees – a big part of our success

Scandinavian CRO currently has 25 employees. While the majority are based in Sweden, SCRO has also had employees in Norway and Finland for some time. Nine new ones have been recruited in the past year alone. However, many have been there from the very beginning.


“I enjoy it so much here, and cannot imagine a better place to work. The company invests a lot in me, and in all its people. That is obviously something very positive,” says Kristina Larsson.


One way that SCRO invests in its people is through continuous development. Staying at the leading edge and keeping up with clients’ needs and requirements are essential. For example, it has been vital lately to have a complete grasp of the regulations and legislation surrounding medical technology, an area that has grown substantially in recent years.


“We always aim for tailor-made solutions appropriate to clients’ needs. That, and quality, are things we are really good at and make us competitive,” says Ulrika Hammarström Lüllmaa. Marie Wiklander, who is in charge of all personnel in Clinical Operations, the part of the company responsible for clinical services, agrees.


Both think it is important to work individually, but also within a team. One challenge is to assemble a team, many of whose members work as consultants off-site at clients. This has been successful so far. Another important aspect that demands a lot of attention is ensuring that the business and all its functions are imbued with the right quality.


“Clinical services imposes high requirements for quality. It is at their core. But the right quality means high quality when it is needed, and choosing actions on that basis. Continuously analysing the world around us. Keeping up as it spins ever faster. Risk-based thinking in everything we do. These are our success factors,” says Marie Wiklander.


Marie says she enjoys leading people, building structures and effective teams. Her objective is to realize each person’s potential through their strengths and job satisfaction, and their sheer enjoyment of work. In more than 25 years in the industry, Marie has worked in most parts of the drug and medical device development process. This includes companies such as Pharmacia, Quintiles and Q-Med/Galderma, where she has been a clinical trial manager and has spent the past 13 years in managerial positions in both the Medical Technical and Quality Departments. Most recently she held a management position in the Regulatory Department at the Swedish Medical Products Agency. Returning to clinical trials was something she really longed for.


“It feels very gratifying and stimulating. Particularly to have joined SCRO, which is experiencing an exciting growth and expansion phase, in terms of both activities and new staff,” says Marie Wiklander, who also is part of the company’s management team.


Access to a personal coach and sounding board, not only for the entire management team but now also for project managers, is another important investment. Erik Waesterberg from Protea Leadership AB is a senior consultant in leadership development. He has been involved in the management team’s work for several years.


“It is a big investment in which we have great belief. Having a senior person as a sounding board is important for giving everyone the opportunity to develop on an individual level,” says Ulrika Hammarström Lüllmaa.


­“My work is about developing leaders, both professionally and personally. I usually work on three levels. Strategic, which is about business leadership. Individual, which is about personal leadership and understanding oneself. And the part that is about leading others, in other words, training the trainer,” says Erik Waesterberg.


Erik has also been coach to some of SCRO’s project managers for some time now. This concerns developing the sides of the consultants that involve social skills and leadership ability rather than expertise.


“If we want to continue as a good, attractive employer, we must invest in and work with our people. Right now it is very much about soft skills and communication. Being receptive to and understanding clients’ needs, now and in the future. Staying one step ahead, identifying needs and getting involved and doing that little bit extra,” concludes Ulrika Hammarström Lüllmaa.



Eva Taliveer Hedin and Monica Axelsson have both been working at SCRO for almost ten years. When they started at SCRO, the company had been around for about a year. Then they put five people into a small office with two small rooms in central Uppsala.

– A lot has happened since then, but it’s also been a lot of fun. The SCRO spirit is the same today as ten years ago, says Monica.

Eva agrees.

– Yes, we still have fun together. We have always helped each other a lot here at SCRO. If there is something that someone cannot do or doesn’t know how to, then they just ask around. We have a very open working atmosphere and we really care about each other.

The company now has just over 25 employees. The majority are women, but both Eva and Monica would like to see more men in the company. They both work as senior CRAs. Eva has a background as a nurse and Monica is a pharmacist.

– The industry has changed over the years. In the beginning, we were mostly hired out and located at the customer’s offices. Today, we work much more in-house, says Monica.

They both appreciate that a lot is happening, both in the industry and in the company.

– It’s fun to take part in this journey. We work together towards new goals all the time. And even though we are constantly growing, we have managed to maintain the pleasant working atmosphere that we associate with a small company, says Eva.